Panama Canal Cruise

Mira Flores Locks - Panama Canal
Mira Flores Locks - Panama Canal
Wayne & Pat 'Swimming' the Panama Canal
Wayne & Pat 
'Swimming' the Panama Canal
Gatum Lake - Panama Canal
Gatum Lake - Panama Canal
Our Holland America Cruise Ship - Panama Canal
Our Holland America Cruise Ship 
- Panama Canal
Sexy & Fun Shows- Holland America Cruise
Sexy & Fun Shows
- Holland America Cruise
Pat & Wayne at Elegant Dinners - Holland America Cruise
Pat & Wayne at Elegant Dinners 
- Holland America Cruise
Food & More Food - Holland America Cruise
Food & More Food 
- Holland America Cruise

Cruising the Panama Canal (4/13/2009)

Cruising the Panama Canal is an interesting experience, especially when you combine it with other fun port of calls.

Opened in 1914 and considered one of the 7 modern engineering wonders of the world, over 27,000 people lost their lives building the Panama Canal.

The 50-mile transit through the Panama Canal takes 9 hours traveling lakes (e.g. Gatum Lake) and the 3 sets of locks that are 95 years old and still working (with some recent upgrades). The French constructed 2/3 of the Panama Canal before the U.S. supported a revolution to make Panama independent from Colombia and finished the Panama Canal

Controlling mosquitoes and disease and better engineering design and management led to success. Construction is being completed on a new wider canal next to the existing canal.

It cost our cruise ship $260,000 to past through the Panama Canal and used 52 million gallons of fresh water in the locks. Pretty cool to experience this. Cruising the Panama Canal is historic and informative. If you are into this kind of thing, you may want to do it. We had a great time playing on the ship. You can see us “swimming” the Panama Canal.

Panama Canal Holland America Cruise (On the Ship 4/3-17/09) - We had a great time playing on the ship – the Statendam.

Considered a medium sized ship with 1,200 passengers and with an older crowd, there was never a wait for anything. We ate fruits and vegetables for breakfast and lunch and neither of us gained weight on the 13 days. About half the cruise were sea days – the other days at port-of-calls reported in other blog posts (i.e. Panama City and  Huatulco Mexico).

We read, exercised, met new friends, attended lectures and special events, swam, rested, talked, enjoyed the ocean, and got prepared mentally for our new life (which by the way is to learn to live happy and fulfilled with less).

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