Dubrovnik, Croatia (Living in Old Town)

Open Market Dubrovnik Croatia
Open Market - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Fish Lunch Old Harbor Dubrovnik Croatia
Fish Lunch at Old Harbor - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Lokrum Island Dubrovnik Croatia
Lokrum Island Near Dubrovnik, Croatia
Banje Beach Dubrovnik Croatia
Banje Beach - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Late Dinner Dubrovnik Croatia
Late Dinner - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Night Life Dubrovnik Croatia
Night Life - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Street Up Our Room Dubrovnik
'Street' Up to Our Room
- Dubrovnik, Croatia

Wayne dunlap Drinking Onofrio Fountain Dubrovnik Croatia
Wayne Drinking from Onofrio Fountain
- Dubrovnik, Croatia
Lokrum Island Dubrovnik Croatia
Lokrum Island Near Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia - (Living in Old Town) (6/26-7/2/09) -  

Magnificent  Dubrovnik! Walled Dubrovnik is truly so wonderful it deserved two blog posts. 

This blog post focuses on living in the old town. For more about Dubrovnik's beautiful architecture and rich history, please also see our other blog post: Dubrovnik, Croatia (History & Architecture).

We liked Dubrovnik so much we stayed 6 days. Staying in Dubrovnik's old town afforded us the opportunity to live like Europeans walking everywhere, buying fresh produce at the morning outdoor market in Dubrovnik's Gundulic Square, eating outside while listening to music, staying out late at night enjoying people watching, and letting Dubrovnik's city sights slowly unfold to us. 

Dubrovnik's entire old town is pedestrian only and beautifully lit up at night. Swallows descend from the sky forming in squadrons that gracefully swoop through the street corridors serenading us with their charming songs and adding an unique vitality to Dubrovnik.

The Dubrovnik film festival was going on at several places around town so nightly we attended artsy films at open air theaters surrounded by the stars, in medieval churches and buildings, and once in an olive tree grove - so cool! 

Strolling 'home' along Dubrovnik's white marbled streets after a late night movie made us feel at home, instead of on a trip.

We also took a small boat to Lokrum Island, a nature preserve with peacocks, gardens, and beautiful white rocky ‘beaches’ (see photos). We spent several afternoons swimming and lazing at Dubrovnik's local beach (Banje). Who know that Dubrovnik had it all!

Pat demonstrated her negotiation skills and landed us an nice place to stay right in the walled Stari Grad (Old Town) a few steps (actually 84 uphill steps - but who’s counting?) from the main pedestrian promenade (Placa). From here we wandered day and night through Dubrovnik’s restaurants and famous landmarks.

Travel tip... Spring and fall are the best to see Dubrovnik. During summer there can be many cruise ships docked and the pedestrianized old town gets crowded.

no sex on beach Can't Get Any Ideas Dubrovnik Croatia sign
Can't Get Any Ideas - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Some history... Between 1358 and 1808 the city of Dubrovnik was called Ragusa, at one time rivaling Venice in maritime trade, wealth, and architectural beauty. 

In the recent Yugoslavia civil war (1991-2) over 2,000 shells rained down on Dubrovnik hitting 68% of the 824 buildings in Dubrovnik's famous Old Town. Among other places, fire gutted nine historical buildings and palaces. 

Map of Croatia
Map of Croatia
The home we stayed in had the front blown out. Dubrovnik has been completely rebuilt and now shows well-done newer looking construction in places as evidence of this extensive damage. See if you can tell from the photos.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia (History & Architecture)

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  1. I really enjoyed Dubrovnik as well! It is a really beautiful city in a great part of the Adriatic coast.


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