Osaka, Japan

Shopping Arcade Osaka Japan
Shopping Arcade - Osaka, Japan
Osaka-jo Osakajo Castle Osaka Japan
Osaka-jo Castle - Osaka, Japan
Wayne Dunlap Japanese Bullet Train Osaka Japan
Wayne with Bullet Train - Japan
Pat Dunlap Eaten Alive Baby Kao Foot Treatment Osaka Japan
Pat Being "Eaten Alive" 
by Baby Koa Fish- Osaka, Japan
School Children Lunch Osaka Japan
School Children - Osaka, Japan
Dotomboria Shopping Night Osaka Japan
Dotomboria at Night - Osaka, Japan
Japanese Food Dinner Osaka Japan
Wonderful Japanese Food 
for Dinner - Osaka, Japan
Are You Making Any Money Greeting Osaka Japan Golden Car
"Are You Making Any Money" 
- Greeting in Osaka, Japan
Modern Osaka Japan
Modern Osaka, Japan
Osaka, Japan (10/22-23/2009) - Osaka is Japan's bustling modern city and a very interesting city to visit.

Bombed almost flat in WWII, Osaka is now a very modern Japanese industrial (hi-tech) and port city with a population of 17 million in its greater metropolitan area. Osaka also has significant history. Serious about business (second only to Tokyo), they even have their own special greeting: “Are you making any money?”

Shopping is huge in Osaka with literally miles of shopping arcades (see photo) - especially women’s fashions. The women in Osaka dress with style.

With our very nice Goodwill Guide, Keiko Kurohawa, we visited the Osaka Aquarium that has the world’s largest aquarium tank home for two huge whale sharks! Osaka Aquarium also has well done simulated marine environments from around the world.

A visit to the Umeda Sky Building, known as the Floating Gardens, gave us an impressive view of Osaka from a tall space-like complex. Wandering through Osaka’s glittery neon entertainment area (Dotombori - see photo) gave us a fun understanding of modern Japanese life at play. 

And, of course, a visit to Osaka is not complete without soaking in the many themed baths at Spa World. Spa World is possibly the largest bathhouse in the world with many floors of European and Asian style spas. Pat was eaten alive by fish (see photo) - she had a baby Koa foot treatment removing dead skin and makes your feet smooth.

We took the bullet train (see photo) to Osaka - pretty nice ride.

Some history... Osaka’s history revolves around its famous castle (Osaka-jo - see photo) built by the first Japanese ruler that united all of Japan in the 16th century. Finished in 1583, over 100,000 workers worked for three years to build Osaka-jo. It was Japan’s most impressive castle at that time.

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  1. Japan Osaka looks a fabulous place. I would love to be there. Your blog is very good.
    Thanks for Sharing!

  2. Wow this is awesome! I have seen photos of the fish foot bath, I don't think I could do it. Japan is on the long list of possible future destinations, I will bookmark your post which included so many other posts.

  3. I've never had an interest in going to Japan but am gradually warming to the prospect so this was interesting. I do hope they let the whale sharks free though - it always breaks my heart to see magnificent creatures taken out of their habitat.

  4. I loved Osaka but had a very different experience while visiting Japanese friends there. Loved the parks, seeing the small shrine dedicated to the founder of the tea ceremony and touring a tea shop. Funny about them asking if you're making any money!

  5. I do hope to get to Japan someday and would very much like to visit the world's largest aquarium! in Osaka.

  6. We missed visiting Osaka when we were in Japan a few years ago. It sounds a like a smaller version of Tokyo with its emphasis on commerce. I'm glad we had a chance to visit Kyoto and Nara which both have a somewhat different vibe.

  7. LOVED my time visiting Osaka! Such an amazing city and so much to offer! Castle was a must! Latest blog post to inspire more people to visit Osaka check it out!


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