Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Barrio Historico at Night Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay
Barrio Historico at Night
- Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Barrio Historico Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay
Barrio Historico 
- Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Barrio Historico Restaurant Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay
Barrio Historico Restaurant
- Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Antique Car Barrio Historico Uruguay
Antique Car in Barrio Historico
- Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Dine Dining Antique Car Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay
Dine in an Antique Car 
- Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Beach Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay
Beach - Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Sunset Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay
Sunset - Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Chaviso Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay
Chaviso - Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
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Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay (2/22-23/2010)

Colonia del Sacramento is the oldest town in Uruguay and is a fun interesting place to visit. 

Dating from its 1680 founding by the Portuguese to compete with Spanish Buenos Aires across the river, this small gem of an Old City beautifully preserves the colonial past down to its stone and cobblestone streets. The whole old town of Colonia del Sacramento been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

The Barrio Historico (historic area), with its preserved architecture and with a little imagination, almost appears untouched by time. Colonia del Sacramento exhibits examples of past colonial wealth and many of Uruguay’s oldest structures. They are often used as a backdrop for historical films.

We strolled through the sycamore-shaded cobblestoned historic area (Barrio Historico) during the day and night thoroughly enjoying its antique stone houses with beautiful restaurants, shops, art galleries inside, and small museums (see photos). 

It is very cool to see antique cars parked on the streets (see photos). Colonia del Sacramento's Barrio Historico can easily be viewed in a few hours on a day trip but we enjoyed staying in Colonia del Sacramento because at night the lit streets and restaurants were romantic (Wayne had to shake off that feeling).

We also visited many more places in Colonia del Sacramento such as: Plaza Major, Calle de los Suspiros (Street of Sighs - where many movies have been filmed), Portón de Campo (the City Gate and wooden drawbridge), Lighthouse, Basilica del Sanctísimo Sacramento (Uruguay’s oldest church built of stone by the Portuguese in 1699), Portuguese Museum, and Casa de Nacarello (an 18th century Portuguese house).

We took a long walk along Colonia del Sacramento's promenade going past beaches and finding a fun deserted beach bar at Playa del Real de San Carlos as well as the old bull ring used only a couple of times before bull fighting was outlawed.

Getting there... Colonia del Sacramento is located just across the very wide Rio del la Plata river from Buenos Aires and we took the Buquebus ferry from Buenos Aires.

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  1. Have to love an entire town that has been declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site! Colonia del Sacramento looks like a delightful place to visit.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Colonia del Sacramento is a lovely place. Better to try to avoid weekends and holidays though because it can get very crowded.

  3. Uruguay has made our short list and the universe is placing all sorts of information in front of us, validating our choice. Thank you for this post. We're looking forward to visiting in the future.

  4. Uruguay is a country that is on our bucket list! Enjoyed reading about it on your blog.

  5. Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay sounds like a lovely town. You had me at UNESCO site.

  6. Really liked Colonia del Sacramento, especially all the old Volkswagen cars driving around in the area :)


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