Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tekija Blaga Bosnia Source of the Green Buna River
Tekija Blaga, Bosnia 
(Source of the Green Buna River)
Karvice Waterfalls Bosnia
Beautiful Karvice Waterfalls - Bosnia
Old Bridge Stari Most Mostar Bosnia
Old Bridge (Stari Most) - Mostar, Bosnia
Wayne dunlap Balcony of Hotel Mostar bosnia
Wayne on Balcony of Our Hotel
- Mostar, Bosnia

Neretva River Mostar Bosnia
Neretva River - Mostar, Bosnia
Crooked Bridge stari Most Mostar Bosnia
Crooked Bridge (Stari Most) - Mostar, Bosnia
Shopping Bazaar Mostar Bosnia
Shopping Bazaar - Mostar, Bosnia
Pocitelj Bosnia
Pocitelj, Bosnia
Bombed Out Building Mostar Bosnia
Bombed Out Building - Mostar, Bosnia
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (4/29-30/2011)

Visiting Mostar and the area around it was pleasant surprise.

Mostar a small picturesque old town on the pretty Neretva River with narrow cobblestone streets and quaint shops and restaurants.

Having been an ancient East-West center of commerce, Mostar is symbolized by its famous medieval bridge (Stari Most) originally built as an architectural wonder by the Ottomans in 1566 and rebuilt after the recent 1992-95 war (see photo). 

Young divers jump from the top of Mostar's Stari Most bridge. They pour cold water over themselves to lower their body temperature before diving because the river water is so cold the shock can stop your heart.

The worst bombing of the recent Yugoslavian war reduced this amazing little city to rubble with Mostar's famous bridge and all but one of its 23 Ottoman-ear mosques destroyed. 

Much of Mostar has been painstakingly rebuilt and beautifully lit at night making this pretty UNESCO World Heritage city a fun place to visit.

We stayed at the charming Kriva Cuprija Hotel, named after the delightful Crooked Bridge. We fell to sleep at night listening to the river flow by. Unfortunately, a short walk out of Mostar's old town reveals burned-out buildings, evidence of mankind’s temptation by war to solve our problems.

Hiring a car and driver, we visited several nearby attractions (see photos). First, one of the best waterfalls in all of Europe - the beautiful Kravice Waterfall, a semicircle 360 feet wide of 80-foot waterfalls (see photo). 

We then visited Pocitelj, a Ottoman-era fortress village and Blagaj, a middle age city located at the source of the green Buna River coming out of a cave in the cliffs. This river is said to be one of the coldest rivers in the world. It is also the location of the Tekija House, a 15th-century monastery built on the side of the cliff. Please treat yourself to the photos of these places.

Travel tip: Traveling to Mostar from Sarajevo, we had a beautiful bus ride passing lakes, mountains, rivers, and mountain villages of Herzegovina. 

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