Prizren, Kosovo

Durgevdan Holiday Celebration Prizren Kosovo
Durgevdan Holiday Celebration 
- Prizren, Kosovo
Prizen Kosovo River
Prizen, Kosovo
Shadervan Square Sinan Pasha Mosque Prizen Kosovo
Shadervan Square & Sinan Pasha Mosque
- Prizen, Kosovo

Prizren, Kosovo (5/5/2011) 

Welcome to Kosovo… the youngest nation in the world when we visited in 2011. 

Kosovo blew us away! Everywhere we went there was new construction (new homes and businesses), modern equipment and cars, and well dressed people. For a country described in travel books as the weakest economy in Europe, something is happening in southern Kosovo. 

We visited Prizren, a surprisingly pretty city along a river with a very nice pedestrian street, Roman-built castle (Kalaja) overlooking the city, and a 15th century Ottoman bridge centered around the Ottoman Sinan Pasha Mosque

We arrived on Durgevan, a Gipsy holiday. Prizren's main street and stone piazza square (Shadervan) were packed with young people and they partied until late at night (see photo). 

Map of Kosovo
Map of Kosovo
Some history and information about Kosovo… In the 12th century Kosovo was the heart of the Serbian Empire. The Turks defeated the Serbs in 1389 and Kosovo became part of the Ottoman Empire for the next 500 years. 

Prizren Kosovo Ariel View
Prizren, Kosovo
Kosovo’s about 2 million population is over 90% Albanian and largely secular Muslim showing little evidence of traditional attire. After a lengthy and often violent dispute with Serbia, Kosovo declared independence in 2008 and has been recognized by almost half of the world’s countries including the U.S. 

Because of the UN-sanctioned U.S. assistance, a major street in Kosovo’s capital city, Pristina, is named Bil Klinton Boulevard.

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