Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Wayne Pat dunlap Restaurant Sarajevo Bosnia
Wayne & Pat at Restaurant 
- Sarajevo, Bosnia
Sebilj Fountain Pigeon Square Sarajevo Bosnia
Sebilj Fountain in Pigeon Square 
- Sarajevo, Bosnia
Latinsak Cuprija Latin Bridge Sarajevo Bosnia
Latinsak Cuprija (Latin Bridge) - Sarajevo, Bosnia
Wayne dunlap Feeding Pigeons Pigeon Square Sarajevo Bosnia
Wayne Feeding Pigeons
at Pigeon Square - Sarajevo, Bosnia

Glavna Posta Main Post Office Sarajevo Bosnia
Glavna Posta (Main Post Office) 
- Sarajevo, Bosnia
Goat Bridge Sarajevo Bosnia
Goat Bridge - Sarajevo, Bosnia
View Sarajevo Bosnia
View of Sarajevo, Bosnia
Girl Pigeons Sarajevo bosnia
Girl with Pigeons 
- Sarajevo, Bosnia
War Tunnel Sarajevo Bosnia
War Tunnel - Sarajevo, Bosnia
Burek Coffee Breakfast Sarajevo Bosnia
Burek with Coffee for Breakfast 
- Sarajevo, Bosnia
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (4/26-28/2011)

Sarajevo is an interesting place - East meets West!  

Within minutes in Sarajevo, you can walk from eastern Ottoman cobbled streets with mosques and open oriental-style markets (Bascarsija) to western 19th century Austrian/Hungarian building and smooth stone paved streets.

We stayed in the middle of Sarajevo's old town having dinners in quaint restaurants and lunch at the famous Pivnica HS brewery that makes the popular Sarajevsko beer (pivo). 

We had breakfast of coffee and burek (a meat and cheese pastry) and had fun feeding the pigeons at Pigeon Square around the Sebilj Fountain with the Čaršijska mosque in the background. Sarajevo’s main post office is one the most beautiful we have ever been in (see photo).

A lot of history... History abounds in Sarajevo, a city of 400,000 people of Bosnia’s 4-million population! Sarajevo is the place where the Western and Eastern Roman Empire split and where the people of the Roman Catholic west, Eastern Orthodox east, and the Ottoman south met, lived and warred. 

In Sarajevo’s old town at the Latin Bridge is where the assassination of the Archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Ferdinand, happened in 1914 plunging the world into WWI. See the photo of the Latin Bridge.

More recently (1992-95), it is a shame that the pretty city of Sarajevo, that hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics and served as a model where Muslims, Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christians, and Jews lived and worked within blocks of each other, burst into one of the worst modern day war sieges and three bloody years of ethno-religious civil strife. 

Even more history... After independence was declared in 1992, the Bosnian Serbs supported by neighboring Serbia and Montenegro responded with armed resistance aimed at partitioning the republic along ethnic lines and joining Serb-held areas together to form a "greater Serbia." Muslim Bosniaks and Croats resisted resulting in Sarajevo being surrounded and shelled daily for years. This caused production to plummet by 80% and unemployment to soar.

Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Although you can still see the explosion marked buildings everywhere, Sarajevo is largely rebuilt and is an interesting place to explore. While Pat shopped the bazaars, Wayne visited the Sarajevo Tunnel Museum and sniper ally. Being surrounded and cut off, residents of Sarajevo tried running supplies into the city. Many were shot along sniper alley. 

They dug a 2,400-foot tunnel under the UN-declared safe zone of the airport where they brought in food and weapons. You have to bend over to walk along the tunnel. The war ended in a negotiated truce and today there are two governments that govern Bosnia and many issues remain unresolved.

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