Strasbourg (Alsace), France

River Ill Grandelle Strasbourg France
River Ill Grandelle - Strasbourg, France
French Food Fish with Sauerkraut and Salad Strasbourg France
French Food (Fish with Sauerkraut and Salad)
- Strasbourg, France
Petite France Strasbourg France
Petite France - Strasbourg, France
Gay Rights Parade Strasbourg France
Gay Rights Parade - Strasbourg, France

Young Canoers Petite France Strasbourg France
Young Canoers at Petite France 
- Strasbourg, France
Bikes Bicycles Petite France Strasbourg France
Bicycles at Petite France 
- Strasbourg, France
Place De La Cathedrale Strasbourg,France
Place De La Cathedrale - Strasbourg, France
French Food Salmon Salad Strasbourg France
French Food (Salmon & Salad) 
- Strasbourg, France
Cappuccino Strasbourg France
Cappuccino - Strasbourg, France
Cathedrale Notre Dame Strasbourg France
Cathedrale Notre Dame
- Strasbourg, France
Restaurant Grandelle Strasbourg France
Restaurant in Grandelle
- Strasbourg, France
Grandelle Strasbourg France
Grandelle - Strasbourg, France
Maison Des Tanneurs Petite France Strasbourg France
Maison Des Tanneurs in Petite France
- Strasbourg, France
Strasbourg (Alsace), France (6/9-12/2011) - We love Strasbourg!

After over 2 months of touring Eastern Europe with the Slavic diet of meat and more meat, we ate! Strasbourg is a gastronomer’s dream and birthplace of pate de foie gras! 

The French food was so good… escargot in garlic and butter, onion pie, fish with roasted sauerkraut, perfectly prepared salmon, salads with fresh vegetables, cheeses, and foie gras with just a hint of dressing not to overwhelm their taste, and the wonderful crusty bread.  

Hungry yet? - we can go on so here goes... The escargot was so good that the first night Pat wanted to take some home and smear some over her body and lick it off (kind of kinky - you have to be here to fully understand).

Strasbourg is one of France’s greatest cities and the capital of the Alsace region. It is famous for its beautiful historical center (Grande Ile) that was the first city center to be classified entirely as a UNESCO World Heritage Site - be sure to view the photos on this beautiful city.

Strasbourg's magnificient Cathedrale Notre Dame, built between 1176 and 1439, is one of the finest architectural highlights of France. With its off-center spire and stained-glass windows, it is a unique example of a mix of roman and gothic architecture and has the peculiarity of having only one tower. 

The area in Strasbourg we enjoyed most is Petite France with its beautiful canals and half-timbered townhouses leaning over narrow cobblestone streets. 

We enjoyed Strasbourg so much we stayed 3 days getting a chance to live it. We spent a lazy Sunday like residents having lunch in the leafy courtyard of the most photographed building in Strasbourg (Maison Des Tanneurs), strolled through the weekend markets and a French art show, and marched in a Gay Rights parade.

Because of its central location in Europe, Strasbourg was chosen as the seat of the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, the European Ombudsman, the Eurocorps, the European Audiovisual Observatory and, most famously, the European Parliament, which also holds sessions in Brussels. 

We viewed these and traveled through the locks in Strasbourg's Petite France on our water tour leaving at Palais des Rohans

Travel tip... The tourist office in Place de la Cathedrale is great for getting maps and information to explore the our next stop… Alsace Wine Villages (Route du Vin D’Alsace), France.

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