Channel Islands - Jersey & Guernsey

Royal Bay Mont Orgueil Castle Jersey Channel Islands
Royal Bay & Mont Orgueil Castle
 - Jersey, Channel Islands
Pat dunlap Our Hosts Noelia Annelise Jersey Channel Islands
Pat with Our Hosts (Noelia & Annelise)
 - Jersey, Channel Island
Channel Islands - Jersey & Guernsey (6/26-29/2011) 

The Channel Islands are a very interesting and fun destination. Friendship dominated our visit.

The Channel Islands are located in the English Channel about 40 miles northwest of France. They are self governing and although closely linked to the United Kingdom for foreign policy and defense, the Channel Islands are considered a separate jurisdiction. 
Saint Peters Guernsey Channel Islands
Saint Peters - Guernsey, Channel Islands

We visited two of the four Channel Islands starting with Jersey. With a population of about 90,000, Jersey is a beautiful island and is famous for it modest climate, offshore finance, the Jersey Cow, and creamy dairy products (the ice cream is great!). About 30% of population is concentrated in Jersey’s capital, Saint Helier, where we stayed arriving by ferry from France.
Sunset Jersey Channel Islands
Sunset - Jersey, Channel Islands
Jersey Cows Saint Helier Jersey Channel Islands
They Love Their Jersey Cows
- Saint Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands

Jersey's Saint Helier is a very pretty Channel Islands town with flowers everywhere and all quite British. It is large enough to act like a small city but small enough that a lot of people know each other. 

We wandered Saint Helier's shopping areas, open market, and had lunches of crab sandwiches and fish and chips – all quite British.
Lunch of Fish & and Chips Creamy Peas Hector's Saint Helier Jersey Channel Islands
Lunch of Fish & Chips 
and Creamy Peas
at Hector's - Saint Helier,
Jersey, Channel Island

Because the Channel Islands has no capital gains tax and other benefits, offshore finance is huge here creating high earnings and with Jersey’s mild climate, it is a sought-out place to live and housing prices have sky rocketed.

We also took a day trip by ferry to Saint Peters on the neighboring Guernsey Island of the Channel Islands, famous for the setting of the book Potato Peel Pie Society about the harsh German occupation of Guernsey Island and the Channel Islands during WWII.

Friendship is the theme that dominated our visit to the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey. We went to see our friends Noelia, who was our perfect host and showed us around her beautiful island of Jersey for 4 days, and Annelise, who came over from London to see us. We met Noelia and Annelise in Iguazu Falls in Argentina and the four of us are travel/life-changing kindred spirits – we ‘get’ each other. 

Map of Jersey
Map of Jersey
With our host, Noelia, we toured the Channel Island of Jersey visiting such places as the beautiful Beauport Bay, the silky sandy beach of St. Brelade’s Bay, Gorey Bay, St. Juan’s Beach - a surfers’ paradise, and then having dinner watching the glorious sunset on the west side of Jersey. Small castles and fortifications from centuries of occupiers surround the Jersey island. The Jersey Island countryside is beautiful.

Map of Channel Islands
Map of Channel Islands
Some history… The islands of Jersey, Guernsey, and the other Channel Islands represent the last remnants of the medieval Dukedom of Normandy once prominent in both France and England. The Channel Islands were the only British soil occupied by German troops in World War II. With slave labor they built massive defenses against possible invasion that never came.

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  1. I guess you enjoyed a lot in jersey, I will like to go here, can you help me to know which are the best restaurants in your opinion, do all jersey restaurants taste like home, I mean something simple and delicious?

  2. Well I can say that jersey is as big as my heart is, coz it lives in my heart. Being a responsible father, I want to save something for my family for future, will u please suggest to me the best monthly saving plans, as I want to be sure that my investment should earn in a good way, I believe that finance in jersey is much easier than on other islands.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. Channel Island holidays offers a lot of fun and I always spend some holidays in Jersey along with my family every year. This time we will spend some time Beauport, one of the most delightful beaches of Jersey and have a leisure picnic at Guernsey Lihou Island.

  4. Our kids run a dairy farm in Minnesota and the Jersey cows are my favorite and theirs. Me because they're so beautiful, and theirs because of the high fat content in the milk that makes for better products! Thanks for taking us along on this trip to the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey, would love to visit.

  5. It fascinates me that the Channel Islands are so close to France yet governed by England. Jersey sounds as though it has many attractions other than its offshore banking industry!

  6. I would like to visit the Channel Islands some day.They sound very interesting. I really liked the book the Potato Peel Society and it got me interested in the islands.

  7. I went to Guernsey very many years ago, and also took the opportunity to visit Sark, which is very small and rather idiosyncratic! But you've reminded me that I really need to get to Jersey sometime.

  8. What a nice introduction to the Channel Islands and how fortunate you were to see them with friends! That makes every trip nicer.

  9. I've heard about the Channel Islands here and there through the years. Jersey and Guernsey are on my to-do list. Hopefully I'll get to them some day.

  10. I've never been to any of these islands as when I hear the word "island" I think "snorkeling" and that probably isn't likely in the Channel Islands! They look lovely though so maybe I should broaden my thinking!

  11. I'd love to visit the Channel Islands. I'm curious where you traveled from (England or France) and how you got there. Are Jersey and Guernsey equally popular among visitors?

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