Khajuraho (Kama Sutra Temples), Orchha, & Train Ride, India

Khajuraho Group of Monuments India
Khajuraho Group of Monuments - India
Khajuraho (Kama Sutra Temples), Orchha, & Train Ride, India (2/18-19/2013) – The famous Kama Sutra temples in Khajuraho have much more meaning than just erotic sexual positions – although those are interesting.

Khajuraho Group of Monuments India
Khajuraho Group of Monuments - India
About 1,000 years ago before printed books, the Chandela kings developed 28 fascinating temples in Khajuraho where the detailed hand-carved sculptures depict a way of life where people could come to learn. With distinctive artistic expression, the sculptures express everyday life of the common Indian including women putting on makeup, musicians, potters, farmers, war scenes, and or course the many exotic sexual positions that the Khajuraho Temples have become famous for.

Horsing Around Khajuraho Kama Sutra Temples India sex horse exotic positions sexual
Horsing Around 
- Khajuraho (Kama Sutra Temples), India
Famous Handstand Position Khajuraho Kama Sutra Temples India sex sexual positions nude naked exotic
Famous Exotic Handstand Position 
- Khajuraho (Kama Sutra Temples), India
Located about 385 miles southeast of New Delhi, the Khajuraho Group of Monuments is the largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples and is a popular tourist destination. Although only about 10% of the sculptures depict the highly erotic sex themes, the Khajuaho Temples have become known as the Kama Sutra temples. The erotic sculptures are interesting because of what is now considered shocking group orgies and expletive sex even with animals (see photos). Check out the handstand position.

Khajuraho Group of Monuments India exotic sculputures kama sutra temples sex sexual naked nude positions
Exotic Sculputures 
- Khajuraho (Kama Sutra Temples
Several observations became apparent to us as we viewed these interesting depictions of everyday life. The obvious is that 1,000 years ago Hindu Indians enjoyed a freer expression of life where they enjoyed life, including sexual pleasure. A few centuries later, when Islamic rulers took over, things changed. Another observation that Pat picked up from the non-sexual sculptures was that women were respected and treated well.

Holy Man Orchha India
Holy Man - Orchha, India
Having much more meaning than the heavily marketed erotic sex sculptures, many of the Khajuraho Temples are very sacred to the Hindus and visited by many people from India. In the mist of all this, the colors of India are marvelous – the women in their colorful clothing, flowers, and richly painted buildings. Color is everywhere in India and the food is wonderful.

Khajuaho Old Village India
Khajuaho Old Village - India
After a walk through Khajuaho’s old village, we had a wonderful time with our new Canadian friends sharing a few beers in a one-table tree house at the Blue Sky Restaurant enjoying an amazing view of the western Khajuraho Temples (see photo).

Cow Railway Station India
Cow in Railway Station - India
Indian Family
Indian Family
We also took a ride on an Indian train. Interesting, the Indian Railways is the largest employer in India serving about 3 million passengers every day plus a huge amount of freight. We took the Shatabdi Express train from Agra to Jhansi. Although a bit run down by European or North American standards with obvious delayed maintenance issues and often late, the Shatabdi Express trains (see photo) are considered the best in India. They are a series of fast (called superfast in India) passenger trains operating around major cities.

The Shatabdi Express train we took was confortable and relatively inexpensive (2 ½ hour ride for about $15/person) and ours ran only 15 minutes late. A small meal was served (“Meals on Wheels”). It was pretty nice although we passed on using the provided metal knife because of the fingerprints on it.

Jehangir Mahal Orchha India
Jehangir Mahal - Orchha, India
Langur Monkey Mom Baby Jehangir Majal Orchha India
Langur Monkey Mom & Baby 
at Jehangir Majal - Orchha, India
On the way to visit the temples in Khajuaho, we stopped in Orchha (or Urchha). Built on the bank of the Betwa River is the huge palace fort of Jehangir Mahal with its steep stairways and beautiful temple spires (see photo). Built in the 16th century, Jehangir Mahal represents the pinnacle of medieval Islamic architecture. Langur monkeys play along the rooftops.

The sights and smells of India hit you as soon as you arrive. The interesting smells engulf you initiating you to your new world like making a new friend. Obviously apparent, India is a young country with a large amount of its population below the age of 30.

Khajuraho Kama Sutra Temples India
Khajuraho (Kama Sutra Temples) - India
Travel tips... India has three main seasons - hot and humid Summer (March to May), Monsoon (June to September), and Winter (milder summer). The best time to visit is during the winter between November and February – the weather is the best in February. Locals can manage to speak in broken English and those working in hotels, many restaurants, businesses, and belonging to middle, upper middle and high class can speak fluent English.

indian family people
Indian Family
Staying healthy in India... Most visitors choose bottled water that can be purchased reasonably cheaply. When buying water from street vendors, make sure the lid is sealed and not refilled with tap water. Make sure you rinse your toothbrush with bottled water and keep your mouth closed when showering. It is also wise to be careful what you eat. Outside of major tourist hotels and restaurants, particularly risky things to stay away from are raw leafy vegetables and egg-based dressings like mayonnaise, and minced meat. To be safe, you should stick to boiled, baked, fried, or peeled goods.

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