Boracay Philippines

Boracay, Philippines (2/14-17/2014) - We love Boracay!

Beautiful White Beach Boracay Philippines
Beautiful Silky-Sand White Beach of Boracay!
Boracay has been chosen the second best beach island in the world by Travel & Leisure Magazine... and for good reasons. It’s beautiful! The only way I got Pat to leave is because we were joining a cruise.

Beautiful White Beach Boracay Philippines
Beautiful White Beach! - Boracay, Philippines
Once we got through the interesting (easy but bit grungy) process to arrive at our hotel (see below for details), we could not stop ourselves from walking out on the stunning white silky-sand beach and jumping in the calm warm ocean water.

The main beach is White Beach, a 2-½ mile lovely stretch of powdery white sand set against azure water. White Beach is a good place to stay on Boracay with the widest choice of options.

Map Boracay Philippines
Map - Boracay, Philippines
Fun Busy Station 2 Boracay Philippines
Fun & Busy Station 2 - Boracay, Philippines
White Beach is divided into 3 sections. Station 1 is the furthest north with the widest beachfront and many of the best (and most expensive) hotels and resorts are located. In the center lies Station 2, Boracay’s commercial center that is great for eating, partying, shopping, booking water sports and boat excursions, and getting affordable massages on the beach. The beach here is the most crowded, noisiest, but a lot of fun. This is also the location of D’Mall lined with shopping and restaurants.

Station 3 is a backpacker heaven - the southernmost section nearest the boat jetty and is the least developed, quieter, and lowest priced. All of White Beach is open to the public so you can relax and swim wherever you like.

D'Mall at Station 2  Boracay
D'Mall at Station 2 - Boracay
The more active will appreciate water sports and activities such as sailing, wind surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and jet skiing. The fun in Boracay just starts when the sun sets. Boracay’s nightlife throbs with many bars and restaurants serving food and drink. We enjoyed our dinners served right on the beach. One night we picked our fresh fish and prawns and had them prepared the way we like. Another night we watched fire dancers while enjoying Indian cuisine.

Palm Tree Lined Station 2 Boracay
Palm Tree Lined Station 2 - Boracay
Getting around Boracay was fun and cheap. You can walk along the sand beachfront path in the busy Section 2 or walk along the beautiful beach for the entire length of White Beach. Motorcycle taxis run on the main road if you want a ride or are going to places further away.

Palm Tree Lined Station 2 Boracay
Post Card Perfect Puka Beach - Boracay
Taking Boat Back from Puka Beach  Boracay
Taking Boat Back from Puka Beach - Boracay
Our visit to Puka Beach was a highlight of our visit to Boracay. Looking like a postcard image people may expect of a beautiful tropical island, Puka Beach is a relatively empty quiet stretch of white sand along the northern tip of the island (see photos). We took a motorcycle taxi for the half hour ride to Puka Beach and enjoyed lunch and drinks at the only restaurant - it was nice. Most people experience Puka Beach on one of the sailboat excursions so we were able to negotiate a ride back to White Beach on a sailboat – Pat’s favorite way to travel.

A short walk from White Beach takes you to the other side of Boracay and Bulabog Beach, famous for its kite boarders doing high jumps.

Willy's Rock  Boracay Philippines
Willy's Rock - Boracay, Philippines
For total indulgence, Boracay has one of the best luxury day spas in Asia – Tirta Spa. A trip up to Mount Luho offers breathtaking views of Boracay and the surrounding ocean. Another interesting thing to do is a visit to the Bat Cave on the western-end of the island. Locals are happy to show you the way for a fee. This is a challenging excursion not for everyone. Take a flashlight if you want to see the bats.

View from Our Hotel Room  Boracay
View from Our Hotel Room - Boracay
Breakfast at Our Hotel  Boracay
Breakfast at Our Hotel - Boracay
There is a wide range of accommodations from 5-star all inclusive resorts and private villas to backpacker fan-cooled huts on the beach. We choose the Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort and glad we did (see photo). With very nice rooms right on the beach located near Boat Station 1 at Willy’s Rock, it is located on one of the best and widest part of White Beach. The staff is very nice and helpful. The restaurant serves up good western and Filipino dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can enjoy it with your feet in the silky sand while people watching and enjoying the beautiful beach and ocean.
Amazing Sunsets Boracay Philippines
Amazing Sunsets! - Boracay, Philippines

Gathering at the Nigi Nigi Too for the sunset with the 2-for-the-price-of-one happy hour drinks is an event in of itself. A 20-minute walk along the beautiful beach gets you into the main town area (Section 2). Try for an upgrade to the “Toucan” room if available. You will not regret it. The size of room and view are magnificent.
Because of its wide draw of international travelers, Boracay has a wide variety of places to eat. Do enjoy one of the best mangos in the world. Climate in Philippines is perfect for mango growing.

Travel tip: Be cautious to use plenty of suntan lotion and drink water. The typical sun is strong.

Our Hotel at Sunset  Boracay
Our Hotel at Sunset - Boracay
Best time to go: The weather on Boracay has two seasonal patterns. October to February is a good time to go with moderate temperatures and little or no rain. This is the high season when hotel rates are higher. June to September is often hot and humid with frequent heavy bursts of rain – this is a tropical island.

Boat Ride to Boracay Boracay Phillippine
Boat Ride to Boracay, Philippines
Pat Shopping Boracay Philippines
Pat Shopping - Boracay, Philippines
Best way to get to Boracay:  Boracay is located half way between Philippine’s two largest cities, Cebu and the capital Manila – about 196 miles south of Manila. Taking a prop engine flight from Manila or Cebu to Catician airport (taking about 1 hour) is the easiest way to arrive. Then it’s a short 5-minute motorcycle taxi ride to the Cagban jetty port, boat ride to the island, and another motorcycle taxi ride to your hotel. This process is pretty easy and takes about an hour. It’s not too expensive but there are various fees and having Philippine pesos is important - exchange some dollars in the Manila airport. You can find ATM’s in the main town in Boracay.

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