Dingle Peninsula & Killarney Town, Republic of Ireland

Dingle Peninsula & Killarney Town, Republic of Ireland (6/25/2016)

Ballyferrtter Baile an Fheirtearaigh Slea Head Drive Dingle Peninsula Ireland
Ballyferrtter (Baile an Fheirtearaigh) 
on Slea Head Drive
 Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
The Dingle Peninsula’s beauty is unforgettable and should be included when you visit this area of Ireland. We were amazed to see the opal-blue ocean that leads up to sandy beaches and black rock cliffs surrounded by green hills.

Beautiful Irish Countryside Dingle Peninsula Ireland
Beautiful Irish Countryside - 
Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
Although most people visit for the beautiful scenery, history lovers will love exploring the Dingle Peninsula because it may have the greatest concentration of ancient sites in Ireland. Interesting, Dingle Peninsula is Europe’s westernmost point.

Dingle Town

Dingle Town Ireland
Dingle Town, Ireland
The center of attraction is Dingle Town, a town that is wonderful and quaint without trying. It is easy to spend an hour or more wandering around its colorful streets that are loaded with quality shops and pubs. You should also explore some of the back alleys for some interesting experiences. There are plenty of midrange Bed and Breakfast accommodations in Dingle if you want to stay while exploring this area.

Dingle Town Harbor Ireland
Dingle Town Harbor, Ireland
Most people head down to Dingle Town’s harbor (for good reasons – see below) but you should also enjoy other areas. Walk up Green Street where you will find the atmospheric Dick Mack’s Pub. Then head down the alleyway there and talk to Abi at the Sea Glass Studio to learn about some creative art. Turn right on Main Street to see one of the prettiest streets in Dingle Town with more shops, restaurants, and pubs.

Colorful Dingle Town Harbor Ireland
Colorful Dingle Town Harbor, Ireland
Down at the harbor (see photos), there are a number of things you can do. Dolphin-spotting boat trips are available to see Fungie the Dolphin, who usually shows up to entertain. The Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium is a recommended attraction. If you want to learn more about how beer is made, a tour of the Dingle Brewing Company is offered. Beer drinkers should try their lager Crean’s that is also available at many of the local restaurants and pubs around the Dingle Peninsula.

Here is a good way to explore the Dingle Peninsula...

Inch Beach Dingle Peninsula Ireland
Inch Beach - 
Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
Slea Head Drive Dingle Peninsula Ireland
Slea Head Drive - 
Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
Plan to spend a good part of a day exploring Dingle Peninsula. Head west on Highway N86 and make your first stop at Inch Beach. There is a free parking lot here or you can drive down and park on the beach. 

Inch Beach (see photo), where the movie Ryan’s Daughter was filmed, is a wide sandy beach. You can learn to surf here. It you are ready for lunch or a drink at the beach, Sammy’s is a good restaurant/pub. We suggest you have lunch in Dingle Town for many more options.

Beehive Huts Dingle Peninsula Where the Irish Lived 2000 Years Ago Ireland
Beehive Huts - 
Where the Irish Lived 2,000 Years Ago
Spend some time exploring Dingle Town (see above) but do not miss the Slea Head Drive (see photo) on R559 further down Dingle Peninsula starting at Dingle Town – the views are spectacular. On the way you can visit Beehive Huts for a fee at two locations to see how Irish people lived 2,000 years ago. We stopped at the first. At the second, you can also hold a baby lamb. From then on, the views from the green hills above down the cliffs to the ocean are amazing.

Dunquin Dun Chaoin Slea Head Drive Dingle Peninsula Ireland
Dunquin (Dun Chaoin) 
on Slea Head Drive - 
Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
There are many places to park your car and take in the views. Don’t miss Dunquin (Dun Chaoin) for one of the best views on Dingle Peninsula (see photo). Also located here is Basket Centre where you can learn more about the Basket Islands you can see from here as well as interesting artists and writers in Great Britain’s history.

Map Of Dingle Peninsula Ireland
Map of Dingle Peninsula - Ireland
Continue on from Dunquin for some more great views. If you are getting tired of driving and have some driving left to get back to your hotel (note: Killnarny is 1 1/2 hour drive from here), turn off on the R559 back to Dingle Town to cut some time off the remaining part of the Slea Head Drive (you can set your GPS to “Ballynanna” to help you) – you will have seen some of the best views. The quickest way back from Dingle Town is to return back the way you came in (N86). Alternatively, head up R560 to Connor Pass for a very scenic drive. Being the highest mountain pass in Ireland, it has captivating views across Dingle Peninsula.

Travel Tip – Dingle Peninsula Slea Head Drive: Do this drive clockwise going with the tour buses. Some of the places on this drive, the road narrows and going against the main traffic and buses will be difficult.

Killarney Town

Killarney Town Ireland
Killarney Town, Ireland
Killarney is an attractive town with loads of accommodations for visitors who come here to visit the Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula, and Killarney National Park.

Many restaurants, shops, and pubs are located in Killarney (see photo). High Street, New Street, and College Street are loaded with them. Traditional Irish music is offered at many places and it is fun to sit, have a pint, and enjoy this Irish tradition.

Bus tours to the Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula, and Killarney National Park can easily be taken from Killarney if you don’t want to drive.

Beer drinkers: It is not a myth that Guinness beer tastes better in Ireland. It most certainly does! Although a wonderful beer anywhere in the world, a slightly different process is done for the beer made for export. So, drink up and enjoy.

Beautiful Irish Countryside Ireland
Beautiful Irish Countryside
Travel advice about visiting Ireland: While visiting Ireland, we learned a few important lessons. The beauty of our Ireland experience was more about the genuine Irish people and beauty of the countryside and less so about how many important sites and buildings there are to visit. We found the best pub experience in the world in Ireland. So, slow down, enjoy the vibrantly green countryside, the Irish people, and visit a pub or two when you ‘fancy a pint’.

Galway City, Ireland

Kilkenny, Ireland

Westport, Kylemore Abbey, Connemara National Park, Ireland 

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