Rome Italy (Walking Tour of the Wonderful Piazzas of Ancient Rome)

Rome Italy (Walking Tour of the Wonderful Piazzas of Ancient Rome) (4/30/2018)

Rome, Italy
Rome Italy
Rome is a wonderful city to visit! Inspired by Lonely Planet’s suggestions, in this walking tour you will enjoy the magnificence and splendor of Rome’s past and present.

When you visit Rome, of course you must see the amazing sites such as the Coliseum, Roman Forum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican, Spanish Steps, etc. They are amazing!

Quaint Streets  Restaurants  Rome Italy
Quaint Streets and Restaurants - Rome Italy
How about a wonderful day visiting some of Rome’s most famous piazzas as well as several beautiful lesser-known squares? This 1 ½ mile self-guided walking tour is in Rome’s tightly packed historic center featuring off-the-beaten-path picturesque streets and shops, stunningly beautiful churches, delicious Italian food served in quaint sidewalk restaurants, and very enjoyable experiences. It takes about 3 hours depending on lunch. 

Piazza della Minerva

Basilica di Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Rome
Basilica di Santa Maria Sopra Minerva - Rome
This walking tour in Rome starts in Piazza della Minerva, just south of the Pantheon. In the center of the piazza is the Elefantino, a confused-looking elephant with an Egyptian obelisk on its back. Do visit the beautiful church here (Rome’s only Gothic church - no entrance fee), the Basilica di Santa Maria Sopra Minerva with its Michelangelo sculpture and very colorful interior.

Reminder Travel Tip: Visiting Rome’s ancient sites and walking the old streets is one of the main reasons to visit. Remember these cobblestone roads and some uneven services to walk on. Wear Good Walking Shoes!

Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio Loyola Rome
Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio Loyola
Piazza di Sant’Ignazio Loyola

Next stop in Rome is the attractive 18th-century Piazza di Sant’Ignazio Loyola (take Via Santa Caterina da Siena which turns into Via del Pie di Marmo, then turn left on Via de Sant’Ignazio). Here you should visit the spectacular church (no entrance fee), Chiesa di Sant’Ignazio di Loyola with its amazing trompe l’ceil ceiling fresco.

Optional detour: Trevi Fountain (Foutano di Trevi)

 Trevi Fountain Rome
 Trevi Fountain - Rome, Italy
The 17th-century Trevi Fountain is one of our favorite places in Rome to visit. We think it is magical. Don’t forget to follow the tradition to toss a coin over your shoulder into the water to ensure you will return to Rome. To get to the Trevi Fountain from the Piazza di Sant’Ignazio Loyola, head over to and cross the busy Via del Corso turning left and then right on the quaint street of Via delle Muratte.


 Piazza della Rotonda Rome
Piazza della Rotonda - Rome, Italy
Next stop is the Piazza della Rotonda with Rome’s famous Pantheon (from Piazza di Sant’Ignazio Loyola take Via del Seminario – taking a right turn on more scenic Via dei Pastini will also get you there). 

Pantheon Rome
Pantheon - Rome, Italy
The Pantheon is one of Rome’s most iconic and best-preserved ancient sites. Constructed 2,000 years ago, with its impressive doorway and largest unreinforced concert dome ever built, it is one of the most influential buildings in the Western world. It served as an inspiration over a thousand years later for the domed buildings constructed during the Renaissance.

Piazza Navona

Fun Street Performers Piazza Navona Rome
Fun Street Performers - Piazza Navona, Rome
Next visiting the large Piazza Navona with its elaborate fountains, fun street-performance artists, and scenic buildings, makes it one of Rome’s great showpiece squares and very enjoyable (follow the signs from the Pantheon). The fountain Fontana dei Quattro Flumi is Piazza Navona’s splendid centerpiece. The piazza is lined with many Italian restaurants if lunchtime is on your mind.

Campo de’ Fiori

Good Italian Restaurants Campo de Fiori Rome
Good Italian Restaurants - Campo de Fiori, Rome
Campo de’ Fiori is one of our favorite places on this walking tour in Rome. By day, it is colorful market, by night a lively bar scene of young people. The market in Campo de’ Fiori is undeniably Rome’s most famous open-air market (open early morning to about 1-2pm, closed Sundays).

Open Air Market Campo de Fiori Rome
Open-Air Market at Campo de Fiori - Rome
At Rome’s Campo de’ Fioir, you can purchase a wide range of Italian goods including all sorts of food, clothes, souvenir accessories, pasta, spices, limoncello, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and more. There are also lots of picturesque Italian restaurants where you can enjoy great people watching with your Italian food, wine, and beer.


Atmospheric Streets Trastevere Rome
Atmospheric Streets - Trastevere, Rome
Just south of Campo de’ Fioir across the river we enjoyed wandering around Tratevere, Rome’s trendy area with atmospheric cobbled streets lined with ancient houses and lots of cafes, bars, and restaurants. Although we enjoyed the quaintness Trastevere, there are some impressive sites to enjoy.

Basilica of Santa Maria Trastevere Rome
Basilica of Santa Maria - Trastevere, Rome
The Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere is one of the oldest churches in Rome. While much of it was built in the 12th century, the floor plan and some walls date back to 340AD. Piazza Trilussa is good for people watching and a nice place to relax.

Travel Tip: The best times to visit Rome for nice weather and somewhat lesser crowds is May and September. Summer (July and August) is the high season with higher prices and temperatures (sometimes very hot) as well as much larger crowds.

Slow Down - Enjoy the Italian Way of Life
VERY IMPORTANT ROME TRAVEL TIP! Yes, the travel guides point out the wonderful ancient buildings and churches. There is so much more to enjoy during your visit to Rome. The Italians know how to
live life well – follow their example! Slow down and take your time. 

Italian Food - YUM!
Do some shopping for beautiful Italian designs, stop at a café or restaurant in a picturesque piazza, have some wine and pasta, and let the world entertain you Italian style... trust us – you will not be disappointed. And also see some wonderful sites, picturesque streets and alleyways, and unique shops.

Helpful Travel tip... Some common Italian words:

Grazie – Thank you 
Prego - you’re welcome 
Mi scusi - excuse me 
Si – yes 
No – no 
Bello, Bellissimo – beautiful 
Entrata - entrance 
Uscita - exit 
Banca – bank 
Citta – city 
Ristorante – restaurant 
La Polizia – police 
Parla inglese - Do you speak English?

We hope you enjoy your day off the beaten path in wonderful Rome Italy!

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