How to HELP PEOPLE and Save on Travel with AMAZING TRAVEL BARGAINS During the COVID Crisis


The COVID crisis has been very unfortunate for many people. People all around the world are struggling to support their families. TRAVELERS CAN HELP!

When this crisis subsides and when it is safe to travel again, travelers can help those who work in hospitality to support their families. Many people in the affected areas make their living with tourism and when it is hurt with an unexpected occurrence, they suffer. Your business is greatly needed and appreciated. You can be a travel hero while benefiting from good travel bargains - a WIN-WIN experience!

Travelers Can Be a HERO Helping Others
Because many travel experiences will be offering travel bargains to get things going again, travel bargains can be had on tours, cruises, hotels, airlines, etc. This is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone. Hospitality workers will be receiving assistance supporting their families after great worry having their income disappear... and travelers can experience more travel to their dream destinations at more affordable prices.

We have had some wonderful trips costing us half the normal cost by using our ‘Follow the Disaster’ travel-planning model. This idea takes some careful explanation. When an unexpected negative experience happens, people cancel their planned trips. For months, sometimes years, tourism will be significantly reduced and people in the hospitality industry are suffering.

Wayne and Pat Dunlap
Wayne & Pat Dunlap
We have benefited from many examples of this. For example, years ago, when China experienced the SARS outbreak, people were rightfully concerned about traveling there. Fortunately for us they stayed concerned long after the outbreak was over. Years later, for about half of what you would normally expect to pay, we took a terrific trip to China visiting the Great Wall, Forbidden City, & Tiananmen Square in Beijing; the Terracotta Soldiers in Xian; the beautiful canal city of Suzhou; and the incredible modern city of Shanghai. And people greatly appreciated us treating us like Heros helping them.

Achieve Your Travel Dreams While Helping Others
This concept also applies to an economic recession like after the Cororavirus crisis. When we retired during the Global economic downturn starting in 2009, we took a 3-year travel adventure around the world. We were able to negotiate much lower prices for accommodations even in peak times for hotels that were only 40% occupied when a couple years previously required a year in advance to get a reservation. Tours, cruises, flights, car rentals, and meals were all significantly more affordable. We have been so fortunate to have visited 100 countries because we now travel for about half what other do for all levels of travel from budget to luxury.

A word of caution is more than appropriate when considering the ‘follow the disaster’ travel-planning model. First, ‘follow’ is the key word. Be sure conditions are safe where you are planning to visit. Usually you will have time to do so because people are overly concerned for a period of time after any disaster. Do your research, be aware of travel warnings, and talk to travel experts knowledgeable of the country you are planning to visit.


Profile for Wayne Dunlap

Wayne Dunlap Speaker at Large Travel Shows
Speaker at Large Travel Shows
• Experienced world traveler (106 countries on 6 continents as well as 48 U.S. states).
Featured speaker at large travel shows.
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Wayne Dunlap Appeared on Numerous TV and Radio Shows
Appeared on Numerous TV & Radio Shows
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Visited 106 Countries
Retired now, Wayne Dunlap was a business owner, executive of high-tech companies, and an Economic professor after his PhD program at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

Chosen Top 25 Travel Blog by TripAdvisor
Chosen Top 25 Travel Blog by TripAdvisor
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  2. This is good to see that many people who want to travel from one place to other and this provides the Best traveling option for the lot of people where people can get the good traveling experience as well.

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