Travel TV Show Plan Your Escape®

Hosts of Plan Your Escape® Travel TV Show

Travel TV hosts of Plan Your Escape® TV aired on the CW network - sharing travel experiences and giving easy-to-use travel tips and unique bargain-finding strategies.

Pat and I are passionate about travel and love to inspire people to travel more and see this beautiful world. We take you to wonderful places in the world with the unique perspective of telling our viewers how you can discover great travel values and realistically realize your travel dreams.

Please enjoy 250+ wonderful places around the world, with award-winning photos, from our BLOG ARCHIVE down on the right ---->

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Some Quotes about the Plan Your Escape® TV show:

"Congratulations!  I know your shows will do wonderfully fine. You guys are really dynamic speakers and had a lot of good travel tips to share. Nice! Your story, TV appearance, and book are all good."Regina Fraser, Grannies on Safari, Travel Speaker and Emmy award winning travel TV host

"I love your show "Plan your Escape®." I always make it a point to watch it whenever I can. By the way, thanks for keeping us informed about the best places to travel." - Skayway Fishing Charter

"CONGRATULATIONS!!  We watched your show. You were both TERRIFIC!!  We loved your presentation! Enthusiastic, informative, interesting. Easy to comprehend travel tips. Looks like a winner. Continued success!" – John & Paula Serbin

"Congrats on your new show debut! You both did a fabulous job. Very smooth presentation and you gave great travel tips. Well done, and I wish you continued success on the upcoming segments." – Mary McNulty 

"Nice show Wayne & Pat. We thought you both did a great job! Superstars" - Joseph & Diane Sampson 

"You were great; I liked the way you talked about some of the history of the region and each segment focusing on an area as well as how to get deals" - Valerie Nemeth 

"I saw your first show. You looked great and didn’t hesitate once. How did you keep on smiling for that long? You two were so articulate and so poised that I thought you two had professional actors imitate both of you. You two were so relaxed and never missed a beat." - Don Meredith


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