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Plan Your Escape®
Secrets of Traveling the World for
Less Than the Cost of Living at Hom

Learn How to Travel for Half the Price 
for All Levels of Travel

Showing people unique strategies how to 
 travel for half the cost for all levels of travel from budget to luxury 
and 100's of other travel tips 

Inspiring people to safely realize their travel dreams!

The Dunlaps are featured speakers at large travel shows.  

With a beautiful and professional full-color PowerPoint presentation, they give entertaining, inspirational, and informative travel presentations. 

Right from the beginning they grab the audience's attention and their travel presentations have been very favorably endorsed – please see a few quotes below from past event organizers and attendees.

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Featured Speakers 
at Large Travel Shows
The Dunlap's are enthusiastic and passionate about travel. As featured travel speakers and hosts of a travel TV show (Plan Your Escape®), they have vast speaking experience leading up to being selected as top presenters in the country. They were featured speakers at the Travel & Adventure Show (the #1 series of travel shows in the U.S.) 
Featured Speakers -
#1 Series of Travel Shows in the U.S.

Featured Speakers
They were featured speakers at a large travel show - OneWorld Travel Mart receiving the largest attendance of all the speakers.
Featured Speakers

They were also featured speakers at the Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Show and asked to present at one of the largest travel shows in America – the 2013 New York Times Travel Show.

Effective public speaking has been a cornerstone of their careers having been marketing and sales consultants for decades and Wayne being a top-rated Economics professor. Because the Dunlaps present great travel tips, easy-to-use planning tools, and unique bargain-finding strategies, they were chosen Top 25 Travel Blog to Follow in 2014 in the world by TripAdvisor and Best Boomer Travel Bloggers to Follow. They are honored to be travel columnists for the Huffington Post. Toyota recently sponsored them on a trip to help market their Venza car, touting them as influential communicators.

Stories about their travel adventures and unique travel tips have appeared in the Frommers' The Travel Show, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, The Christian Science Monitor, Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC News, KPBS TV, SecondAct & Newsmax Magazines, TV, Radio, and many others (click here to see complete articles). 

Wayne & Pat Dunlap 
- Plan Your Escape®
Please contact the Dunlaps to arrange a entertaining, inspirational, and informative Plan Your Escape® travel presentation for your organization about great travel values, powerful tips, unique bargain-finding strategies, easy-to-use trip planning tools, interesting tours & designations, and interesting stories. They give first-hand insights providing inspiring motivation to help people better plan, prepare for, afford, and safely realize and afford their travel dreams from weekend getaways to longer vacations and trips. Even experienced travelers report they learn a lot. Those just starting tell how they are inspired and informed to plan their next trip. See quotes below from past attendees.

Contact Wayne Dunlap at:
   Plan Your Escape®
   PO Box 642, Del Mar, CA 92014 USA
   Phone: (858) 336-6832
   Best for contact: E-mail: wdunlap[at]UnhookNow[dot]com

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You will learn:
Unique strategies how to Travel for half the cost for all levels of travel from budget to luxury and from weekend getaways to longer vacations and trips.
Secrets to find amazing bargains on flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and more with unique travel bargain-finding techniques on the Internet.
Weekly Travel Segment 
for the Silver Hair Tsunami 
TV Show
Best time to travel
How to pack less and be better prepared
How to choose the right destination for you and plan your trip
Avoid travel scams 
Staying safe on the road minimizing security risks 
Fall in love all over again! - how to bring you closer to your partner and how to get a reluctant partner to go travel
Best way to handle money and credit/debit cards
 Stay in touch cheaply with friends and family
Inspiring and interesting travel stories
Benefits of travel - Don’t wait until someday
Take travel photos like a pro... and much more

Hosts of Plan Your Escape® Travel TV Show
Wayne and Pat Dunlap are hosts of the Travel TV show Plan Your Escape® TV aired on the CW network - sharing travel experiences and giving great travel tips and unique bargain-finding strategies as well as the woman's and man's perspective on traveling.  

Plan Your Escape® TV tells you how you can safely realize and afford your travel dreams visiting wonderful places around the world.  

Plan Your Escape® Travel Presentations:
Organizations presented to include: 

Feature speakers - Travel & Adventure Show (the #1 series of travel shows in the U.S.) in Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco

Featured speakers - OneWorld Travel Mart

Featured speakers - Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Show

University of San Diego's University of the Third Age
Guest expert speakers at Meet, Plan, Go
American Association of University Women (AAUW) 
Rotary International
City of Oceanside
Del Webb
Travel Well Meetup
Travel Buddies Meetup 
Lifestyle Potentials

Quotes about the Dunlaps' Plan Your Escape® travel presentations:

“You guys are really dynamic speakers and had a lot of good travel tips to share. Nice! Your story, TV appearance, and book are all good."Regina Fraser, Grannies on Safari, Travel Speaker and Emmy award winning travel TV host

“Wayne and Pat presented at the University of San Diego’s University of the Third Age and did an outstanding job! What I was most impressed with was the way they maneuvered a very sophisticated travel audience, who thought they knew everything, and had them scrambling to take notes of all the wonderful resources they shared with the audience. Their information is current, timely and inspirational. After listening to them present we were all dreaming about where our next vacation would take us (and doing it for less than $100/per day per couple!). Thank you Wayne and Pat for joining us at this year’s USD’s U3A program!” - Jodi Waterhouse, Director, Corporate and Professional Education, University of San Diego

“Wayne and Pat’s talk for Plan Your Escape® clearly inspired Oceanside readers to get out and travel. The Dunlaps’ enthusiasm is contagious, their travel tips are immediately practical, and they have demonstrated that their remarkable international lifestyle truly is attainable!” - Monica Chapa Domercq, Principal Librarian, Oceanside Public Library

"Thank you again for last night for our workshop. Your presentation was exceptional and received positive feedback from the guests." - Gina Fogelmanis, Sexton Advisory Group

"THANK YOU, Wayne!  I know the group enjoyed your talk a lot. I have attended two AAUW activities this week and at both, they were talking about you and Pat. One person had purchased your book for her Kindle. She was commenting on all the other tips in your book." - Betty Reed, American Association of University Women

“My heartfelt thank you for your wonderful program in our Library - informative, humorous and encouraging. I especially liked how you shared your own experience in finding websites and best deals for airfares, budget hotels and restaurants. The content of your presentation stimulated much interest for discussion after the program. The energy of your presentation was beautiful. I felt fortunate to have you in our Library. Your experience inspires many of us to travel the world!” - Oksana Radomyshelsky, Adult and Outreach Services Librarian, Oceanside Public Library

“Excellent presentation of very specific credible and useful info...plus motivation to keep on traveling.” – Mary & George Leitner

“A wonderful afternoon and fabulous information on travel! Thank you, Wayne and Pat!” – Freddi Pakier

“I was totally satisfied with this experience. It was enriching - I learned a lot about travelling wisely and loving life deeply. Wayne and Pat were inspiring!” – Tessa

“Fun and really useful in the same time.” – Inna

“Wayne gave a very informative talk and he and his wife were both very hospitable and friendly” – Sherry Denton

“Was great. Pat and Wayne conveyed a lot of knowledge. Great book!” – Barbara Launspach

“Pat & Wayne's presentation was informative and inspirational. I left wanting to read the book cover to cover and plan my next trip.” – Laura Wildeman

“Terrific talk - great insights - unique perspectives!! Great book - even for seasoned travelers!” – Christine Barton

“Pat and Wayne truly exemplify the art of traveling worldwide. Their approach to helping other travelers prepare for and enjoy life throughout their journey is very refreshing. I bought their book, Plan Your Escape®, and I am already making plans to start putting it to use. This is not just a travel book but a potential life changing opportunity.” – Larry Bogle

“We enjoyed it! ...good ideas!”
– Meg Behle

“It was very good with great tips.” – Archee Aguiar

“Wonderful information and valuable first hand insights.” – Sharon Burrus

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